Zodwa kicked out of Zambia

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Zodwa Wabantu arrived in Zambia on Friday, only to be told to wait hours in an airport office. Wabantu was set to make an appearance at an event on Saturday night, was held by immigration officers in the country for several hours as an argument ensued between authorities and her promoters.

“They stopped me at the airport and said I couldn’t perform. They didn’t give me any reasons. I think our promoters were also in the dark. I didn’t even leave the hotel.”

Zodwa said she was not angry with Zambian authorities and hoped to return to the country soon.

“Leave them to fight, I will be back when they are ready to have me. There was so much fighting between them. I am just an entertainer who was invited to perform. I was stuck in the middle of it all. I would love to still perform in Zambia in the future.”

“I think that people are just trying to sabotage me and the event. The underwear thing is my choice and I don’t understand why people are so upset. There are Christians who do much worse things behind closed doors.”

She said that authorities were hoping to pray for her and cast out her “demons” while she was in the country.

“I will never wear a panty. I won’t change who I am for them. Maybe they think they will pray for me or make me better. I survived 2017 and I will survive this year. They can go and f**k off if they have a problem with it.”