[Watch] Thief Snatching Phones Inside Johannesburg Restaurant

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The South African police are investigating a case of a perp snatching a cell phone in public restaurant, after several common robbery videos recorded at restaurants in the Randburg area went viral on social media.

One of the videos was taken at RocoMamas in Randburg on February 27, where the perp was strolling around restaurant and pretends to be talking on the phone while glancing towards a man having conversation on the phone.

He then suddenly grabs the phone from the customer‚ sprints out of the restaurant and jumps into a gold-coloured vehicle which was waiting outside.

A conman incidents happened at a restaurant in Linden and another in Bromhof‚ Randburg. It will be a very good idea to keep a firm grip on your phone when texting or taking calls at a public place.

Watch second footage: