Dr. Malinga Dear Studnet: “If I was a teacher you were going to see sh**”

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Earlier last week a video of a student throwing papers on her teacher went viral on social media. It was reported that the incident between the teacher and child is under investigation by the Gauteng Department of Education and that the student will be taken through a disciplinary hearing.

While most parents and teachers gave their option on the matter, our local celebrity Dr. Malinga finds it been very disrespectful. Dr. Malinga was very touched by the matter and took to social media that “if he was a teacher, students were going to see sh**.

Malinga made it clear that if he was a teacher and had such ill-mannered kids in his class, he wouldn’t hold back on giving them Malinga-Kick

“Dear students, what you’re doing lately is so disappointing, beating up teachers. And then knowing that when they fight back you’ll open up cases and saying that they abuse you, guess what? You’re going nowhere slowly. But guess what? If it was me, if I was a teacher, you were going to see sh*** .”

Imagine Dr Malinga as a teacher ?

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