AKA Hits Bonang Matheba Over a song “Sweet Fire”

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Kiernan Forbes (AKA) releases a new hit song Sweet Fire, dedicated to the late Ray Phiri and later Hugh Masekela.

“#SweetFire is dedicated to the memory and music of Ray Phiri, Stimela, and all those who have loved and lost, AKA said.”

Sweet fire released on Thursday and despite being exclusive to iTunes and Apple music subscribers, It went viral to thousands of South African AKA fans. when the raper shared the inspiration behind the song , it seemed like he was about to address his break-up.

“When you lose someone you love, you have to take the time to grieve. Music helps.”

The first line suggests that AKA saw Bonang as the woman he might eventually settle down with and marry, with the ‘W’ referring to the word “wife”.

However, if there was any doubt about whether or not AKA has moved on from the relationship, he cleared the air with the second line, which suggests that the girls he sees in the future will probably have some shade to throw in Bonang’s direction.

The Bonang references have not gone unnoticed, but a lot of social media users believe that the lines (and the song) are a weak attempt to hit back at his ex-girlfriend. In fact, many have suggested that AKA’s lyrical punches lack reach ever since he left Bonang:

We thought it was fair game until we actually heard the song and discovered two lines that just might be directed at his ex-girlfriend.

Local rapper JR tweeted the excerpts and his reaction encapsulated how we all felt: